There are still firsts


Right now I am sitting a coffee shop in North Omaha with my wife. She’s sitting in a chair reading a book. I’m listening to light bossa nova play over the speakers while sipping my iced cold brew, and dabbling in a book about contemplative photography.


The room is big, echoey, and bright thanks to all the floor to ceiling windows.


Yesterday Sarah and I had the day mostly to ourselves. It’s our weekend off and my mom offered to watch the boys for the weekend. It’s been a few months since this last happened. March I think.


After Sarah dropped the boys off at my mom’s place she came back and we went out for lunch at a nice local restaurant we like. I always remark during these times about how nice it is for Sarah and I to actually have full conversations without interruptions from our boys. Conversations in which we don’t have to teach to teenagers.


We recently got a cheap bike for Sarah, one that needed a decent amount of repairs, and so I brought it over to the local bike shop to be repaired. After that we headed over to our old neighborhood in Omaha with my bike and Sarah rented a bike so that we could go on a nice afternoon bike ride together.


We’ve never been on a bike ride together before. It was neat to think that even after fifteen years of being together we can still find fun, simple activities to do together that we’ve never done before.


After that we went to a local bar as we waited for a table to open up at the Korean BBQ place we made a reservation at. Sarah’s been asking me to go to a Korean BBQ place for probably ten years. It was very good. We ate SO much meat it was crazy. But it was all very tasty. Expensive, but worth it.


We came home and watched a movie together. It wasn’t all that great, but it was still fun to be able to be in our living room with the sound turned up on our speakers as loud as we wanted without having the fear we were going to wake up the kids.


Here are some photos from the weekend:

date weekend

date weekend

date weekend

date weekend

date weekend

Date weekend

Date weekend

Date weekend

Date weekend

Date weekend

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