Empty Nest Routines


I struggled with writing blog posts recently. I start to write them and then feel too overwhelmed to write everything on my mind or too underwhelmed by what I’ve already written.

I think a part of it has to do with the fact that I haven’t written in quite a while and I have so much going on. I want to just write, have it be insightful, and hit the publish button. But I just haven’t been able to do it. It’s extremely frustrating.


I’ve determined that I need to slow myself down and commit to some smaller routines.

There are three things I want to do on a regular basis: read, write, and take photos. If I can do those three things, I will feel accomplished this fall.

The first step is to commit to setting some time aside to read. I have a number of books I am wanting to finish, and I seem to push them aside when things get busy. But now that both my sons are in elementary school for the day, I do have time to read. So I’m committing to myself to read at least three times a week. I find that when I read I get inspired in so many other ways.

Reading helps me pay attention to the details around me. It is really important to me that I notice moments of meaning and love and beauty around me. Reading good authors helps me pay attention to the details in my own life that I might otherwise overlook. This in turn helps me with my second goal, which is to write.

When I notice moments of meaning around me, I feel a strong compulsion to write. Not necessarily for the world to see. Not necessarily for me to feel like I’ve noticed something deeply insightful. It helps me maintain a sense of gratitude. So I want to make sure I write at least twice a week.

When I am able to walk through life with a sense of gratitude, paying attention to life’s moments, I am then inspired to get out and take photos. I love taking photos for all sorts of reasons, but being able to capture a sliver of time, a moment that will never be again is magical to me. I want to make sure to get out of the house and take photos with no real agenda other than capturing moments that capture my eye at least once a week.


These are routines I want to have established in my life. Potentially rituals, honestly. I just want to be more of a disciplined person. I haven’t been consistent with that in my life. I know that I can, and so I am determined to set up these routines that I know are life-giving to me.

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