Life has been very busy for me recently. The month of September flew by incredibly fast. My son’s 6th birthday happened. Sarah and I had our second successful certification at work. And we’ve kind of been wracked by various sick bugs and viruses, which makes us get behind in things like laundry and various other chores in our home. I haven’t even wanted to walk into my office for a couple weeks because I have had piles of clean laundry nagging at me in here. 

We even got a new car last week, which we were kind of wanting to do, but actually put in the work and research to do smartly, and did it. I still am not a fan of cars, or the process of purchasing and maintaining them, but it’s a relief to have a new one. I felt like our old one was about to have some sort of major breakdown and we would be doomed in that scenario. 

Anyway, I have been really feeling my lack of creative endeavors weighing on me recently. And now that it’s getting colder and the fall, I know that my desire to create will only get increased due to being practically stuck inside most of the time. 

Photography is my favorite hobby, and I just haven’t been taking as many photos recently for whatever reason. Or if I do, I haven’t been excited about editing them. 

When I used to use Pentax gear I would participate in an incredible group of photographers every month on Each month we’d choose one lens for our camera, and take pictures with that lens each day. And every day we’d post our favorite photo we took with the lens on the forum and people would comment and constructively critique each others’ photos. 

really loved being a part of that group. I’ve missed it tremendously since switching to Fuji. Besides the incredible community of photographers which made each month so great, the challenge of using one lens and taking a photo with it each day was great. It forced me to be creative. To notice things around me, and how I could capture them within the limitations of my lens and camera. 

I’m always trying to replicate projects and endeavors like that. But I never have really kept up with any of them because I don’t have any other external motivations to continue on with them. 

But I thought that perhaps starting tomorrow I’d give myself a challenge to try and take one photo each day with one of my lenses. I’ll probably post it to, which is a site I have used in the past with some of my photos. 

I have also thought about only shooting in black and white or perhaps only shooting in JPEG and seeing how that turns out. I like giving myself projects with limitations.

My best friend comes into town tomorrow night, and even though I always intend to take lots of photos when my friends visit, I’m actually quite poor about actually doing it. But I really want to be better about it this time around. 

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