Ok, so here we go.

I love writing, but I’m still figuring out this writing thing, so my posts on this site will be very stream of consciousness. I’m trying to write and reflect more, and I’m intentionally not trying to publish posts that make me look better than I am. No editing at this point. I’m probably rarely going to have images to go along with my writing as well. I just don’t have the time for it. I need this to just be me, no filters.

I’m sure that as I get into a better habit of writing, it will get better, (I hope so at least!) but I am writing this first and foremost for myself. It is an attempt to be 100% honest with others and myself. I’m not planing to hide anything that comes to mind as I write.

I am an idealist through and through and always think I can be better and love better. I feel at peace when I have the time to take a deep breath and am able to sit down in front of my laptop and write out my thoughts. In the past I have always been incredibly aware of who might be reading my posts and I edit myself. But not here. This will not be like that.

These posts will be me. No hiding. I’m not expecting to get lots of attention or hits on this site. I’m trying to write more consistently so that I can better understand myself. If you happen to have stumbled upon this site, then welcome to my messy journey. I’m a confusing and inconsistent person. But I’m trying everyday to first believe I am furiously loved by God so that as I go about my days I can live in the freedom of his grace. As I live in gratitude for his encompassing love, I believe I will be better at noticing the moments of what I call the overlap — the moments where the world I was created for crash into the world in which I was born into.

So here we go.



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